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Thin hair treatment – best practices
November 5, 2017
Hair loss
Hair loss and the psychology involved
November 27, 2017
Hair restoration

Hair restoration – the basic information

In today’s world the extent of people suffering with hair-related problems is increasing. For example, there’s a lot of people who experience hair thinning or substantial hair loss. Of course, there are many causes of hair problems. Some of them are related to serious medical conditions. Think for example of alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease which makes your own immune system attack your hair follicles, resulting in decreased hair growth and falling out hair. There are also psychological problems which cause hair loss and issues alike. A good example of this is trichotillomania, a condition which affects a person by having them compulsively pulling out their own hair to relieve stress or anxiety. Finally, there are conditions that can’t be cured, e.g. hair loss due to genetics or ageing. If this is the case then you can create habits and apply treatments to make hair thinning and hair loss less severe, but there’s no direct and effective way to stop them. Luckily, this day and age offers us a lot of successful ways of hair restoration. So what are the most popular hair restoration methods?

Hair restoration – effective methods

Hair restoration is a popular term. A lot of hair specialists and experts like to use it. Many people nowadays are experiencing inevitable hair problems, so hair restoration is effectively drawing their attention, being the only resolution they can rely on. As a result more and more hair clinics and salons are opening up, advertising their innovative restoration services that tackle hair issues. If you experience hair thinning or hair loss and are thinking of permanent solution to your problems, you should carefully choose a hair clinic and their restoration methods. Make sure to read up online, ask for advice and most of all meet up with the clinic before attempting any procedures.

So what are your restoration options? Basically, there are two main hair restoration treatments. You can either choose a surgical treatment or non-surgical treatment. Now, you may be asking, what are the pros and cons of each treatment? Well, the surgical hair restoration relies mostly on hair transplants. Of course there are many methods of transplantation, yet they are all potentially invasive practices that may seriously affect your body and your physical condition. With such procedures there’s almost always a risk that your body will reject the transplant or that the entire process will be painful and uncomfortable. Then there is the non-surgical hair restoration. In comparison to the surgical approach, this method relies purely on the use of hair extensions and hair enhancement systems that are firstly non-invasive and secondly risk-free solutions. Interestingly, they are also highly effective, satisfactory and convenient.

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