Hair fall – what to do when the problem becomes excessive

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Hair fall

Hair fall and damaged hair

There are various factors which cause hair fall. Some of these factors are directly connected to serious diseases such as: alopecia areata, thyroid disorder, hormone fluctuations or hereditary problems. Other hair issues manifest as result of simple neglect or improper hair care. Interestingly, hair fall resulting from improper hair care can in some cases be as serious as hair fall caused by the diseases themselves. In some cases, improper hair care and hair procedures can lead to very serious, even permanent damage. But what actually makes excessive hair fall, and how is improper hair care related?

First of all, hair fall can be caused by a frequent application of improper cosmetics and hair care products. It’s a common mistake to make, as many of us don’t realise how sensitive our hair can be. We need to focus the choice of hair products on hair texture/type, whereas a lot of people only consider and prioritise the present condition (e.g. dry, normal or oily) and forget every other hair feature. Choosing the cosmetics only on the basis of the state of your hair can have really devastating effects on your hair as a whole. In order to make the right decisions and select proper cosmetic lines you should first and foremost determine your hair type and texture. You must know whether your hair is fine, medium or coarse (texture) and if it’s straight, wavy or curly (type) – only then you’ll be able to start thinking about cosmetic selection.

Another common mistake causing excessive hair fall is the frequent usage of harmful hair procedures, such as very invasive bleaching or dying. If these hair procedures aren’t properly done or regulated, they can do more physical damage than aesthetic good. Finally, simple neglection of hair care can make your hair fall out excessively as well. If regular maintenance of hair is not present and when you forget to wash your hair brush your hair properly, or oil them up with special healing substances then this may cost you a lot. Forgetfulness and irregularity can drastically weaken your hair and lead to inevitable hair deterioration.

Hair fall and solutions

Luckily, you can easily stop the excessive hair fall. If only you quickly determine properly what has negatively impacted your hair, then you can quickly change your approach and maintenance habits. But in order to do this, self determination and self belief are needed. To execute this properly you should devote some time to carefully observe your hair and how it reacts to specific circumstances – what makes them shiny and smooth and what turns them into brittle and dry twigs. Effort is also needed, as care and maintenance won’t achieve its final goal over night, even though it may seem like it. Just take some time to yourself, organise your plans and patters and this way you’ll certainly not only stop your hair from getting further damaged, but you’ll also notice a positive change in the condition of your hair.

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