androgenic alopecia
Hair loss – androgenic alopecia
December 4, 2017
Hair loss clinic
Hair loss clinic – getting the professional help
December 22, 2017
Hair extensions

 Hair extensions – what exactly are they?

There’s a lot of women out there suffering from hair loss who actually have no clue that there are many methods of possible treatments. In a nutshell, you can choose many options – anything from medicinal based treatments, surgical procedures, non-invasive hair extensions and even more advanced hair enhancement methods. However, before you definitively approach a specific solution, its always recommended to consult your decision with a specialist. They will always be able to advise you properly, and suggest new ideas that would suit your personal needs, e.g. recommend the best treatment for your hair type and texture. Furthermore, bear in mind that some hair loss treatments are only temporary solutions and don’t solve hair loss problems at all, they only cover it briefly. Nevertheless, other methods are permeant and guarantee full recovery from hair loss. What you choose is always up to you, but whether you are suitable for one or the other procedure should always be decided by a specialist.

One of the most popular and frequently applied methods for coping with hair loss are hair extensions. Hair extensions are a very common solution that can even be performed on your own, though for best results the involvement of a specialist is required. Generally, the idea behind hair extensions is to add body and volume to your natural hair, basically by adding more hair strands. Hair extensions are divided according to their types and methods of attachment. When it comes to hair extension types, you can choose those that are made of natural human hair or synthetic hair. It’s important to keep in mind that these two types differ substantially in terms of quality and look – and of course, cost. In terms of attachment methods there are: clip-ins, type-ins or sewn on hair extensions.

Hair extensions – all the possibilities

No matter what your way of coping with hair loss is, if you’re serious about getting hair extensions you should know your possibilities. Natural human hair extensions are generally high quality and guarantee ultimate natural look. They can definitely last longer than synthetic hair and you can perform all standard hair care procedures without taking any risk. Synthetic hair extensions actually look a tad more artificial and require more careful treatment, seen as they are easier to damage. Luckily, buying high quality hair extensions online and attaching them yourself is now a possibility, so you can even save up on salon visits. Attachment methods can also be pretty easy, so its worth looking online for advice and guidance instructions to get better insight regarding appliance. Other, more complicated methods, like sewn on hair extensions are indeed more complex and those require professional work. So if you’re looking for something along those lines, then you’ll just have to see a specialist.

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