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October 13, 2017
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November 5, 2017
female hair loss treatment

Methods of female hair loss treatment

The problem of hair loss affects more and more women daily. A stressful lifestyle, poor diet, hormonal changes, a serious illness, inadequate care or genetics can all be responsible for the illness. Of course, hair loss can be treated, but first it is necessary to make a full diagnosis and identify the causes of the disease. Once all the foundation stages are complete, you can choose one of the female hair loss treatments and gradually implement the therapy. So, there are several ways to combat hair loss, some more complicated and effective than others. Nonetheless, each of them will be discussed in this article.

  1. Rubbing the scalp with special ointments – It is the simplest and the least invasive female hair loss treatment. The ointments used come in many forms e.g. shampoos, conditioners, and creams. Most of the products usually include minoxidil which stimulates hair growth, but it does not make them thicker or stronger. The ointments can be bought at a pharmacy or can be simply ordered and prepared be a dermatologist (in accordance with a designated recipe). The treatment with this method can last for weeks, although it is often the case that the disease may return once the appliance stops.
  2. Oral medication – another female hair loss treatment is the use of oral medication to prevent harmful change of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which has a very negative effect on the hair follicles. This treatment may result in successful curing, not only reducing hair loss, but also stimulating the growth of new hair. However, as the case with many other treatments, a discontinuation of the drug therapy can result in recurrence of hair loss. Though bear in mind that a frequent medication intake may impact our organism negatively, so there’s a lot of risk with this method. Nonetheless it should definitely be attempted.
  3. Mesotherapy – it is an increasingly popular method of female hair loss treatment, especially among celebrities. It is very often it is used to counter excessive hair loss and strengthen the existing hair. The treatment consists of injections of vitamins and minerals/concentrated formulas containing the platelet rich plasma that is separated from the patient’s blood. Moreover, the process of puncturing/prickling is itself beneficial, because it improves blood circulation throughout the scalp, and therefore our skin is maintained nourished, helping it to gradually regenerate. The treatment gives excellent results as a whole, but is quite an unpleasant and painful procedure – though it is guaranteed to be completely safe and no side effects are caused.
  4. Laser therapy – an innovative procedure involving the exposure of the scalp to red light and infrared light, which stimulates the metabolism of cells in the follicles and results in regrowth of hair. This method of female hair loss treatment gives great results and works in 70% of all cases, this means it’s a very successful process. It not only stimulates the growth of new hair, but also strengthens and nourishes the existing ones. The treatments are completely safe, painless and do not cause and additional complications & side effects. The only negative point that could be mentioned is that the treatment needs to be regular, and could last as much as half a year. This makes the process expensive and time consuming as daily visits to the clinic are expected. Alternatively a special equipment for the use at home can be purchased, but that too results in additional costs.
  5. The use of hair implants – this method aims to implant follicles within a patient’s scalp. This is nowadays less popular and rarely used. Using this solution for female hair loss treatment involves implanting artificial hair, which unfortunately does not look very natural and has a close resemblance to a wig.
  6. Hair transplantation – This method is the most invasive. It involves taking hair from other parts of our head, (like the occipital region) and implanting them in the bald spots. The treatment does not increase the volume of hair, but it does helps to hide the irregular gaps. This is a very effective female hair loss treatment, but for some, the hair does not stay on the scalp for long, others even develop scars. Unfortunately, this process is also very costly and painful. Furthermore it does not inhibit the loss of existing hair, so before attempting this risky process you need to make sure that there isn’t other alternative, and only then attempt the procedure.

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