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January 5, 2018
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January 23, 2018
Colour correction

Colour correction – when should we go for it?

Our hair can be very sensitive and easily prone to hazardous damages. Just think of simple tasks such as repeated dyeing, everyday hair drying or exposure to cold/hot temperatures. Your hair basically has very little time to naturally recover from all the harm thrown at it. If by nature your hair is weak, dry, fragile and brittle, but additionally it regularly faces these elements, then you may seriously create some permanent damage. Unfortunately, hair can be damaged pretty easily but recovery always takes some time, and is never instant. This is especially visible during undertaking the process of colour correction. There’s a lot of women who tend to experience serious trouble when their hair dyeing procedure goes wrong, and they are left with incidental colour disasters. There can be many reasons why dyeing often leads to such unexpected and unwanted results. Think for example of picking low quality dyes, or not getting familiar with correct instructions or criteria. Worst of all, we many not only end up with the wrong hair colour, but can also critically damage our hair. For example: invasive bleaching leads to hair losing its natural colour and structure, and frequent hair dyeing with low quality hair dyes results in split ends and weakening.

Either way, if you have ever encountered any of the problems mentioned above, then you’ll know best that colour correction is a must if we plan to enjoy our hair again. Colour correction basically refers to the process of fixing your hair colour by applying a dye that finally suits your requirements. Colour correction is usually performed in professional hair salons or studios where the specialist apply their products to make you feel beautiful again. Colour correction is usually performed by a person who relies on advanced methods and hair colour correction tools. What’s important, each colour correction process is different and can pose different challenges. This all depends on the person, the structure of their hair, the damage that has been done already etc. So, each approach is usually highly individualised.

Colour correction – a hair studio

A colour correction undertaken in hair salons will always start with a first stage: a detailed interview. Before anything is even done or considered, the hair specialist will need to understand all the background context behind your visit. This means finding out exactly happened to your hair, what procedures and treatments where applied, finding out what and why it all went wrong, assessing the damage and discussing the result you originally anticipated. It’s important to know that during the correction process more than one visit might be required, but worry not, the specialists inside the studios know exactly what they’re doing, and they will make sure that your visits won’t be wasted. The primary goal here will be to fix your hair, and thus the way you feel about yourself, so embarrassment no longer crosses your path. But you have to be committed and entrust your hairdressers to do their job – in the end, mutual respect will create positive results!

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